Professional Sales Consultancy

Marot Associates is a professional sales consultancy helping any size of business to improve their sales process and in turn their profitability. Selling is not just about talking the talk, but about walking the walk too.

We believe that anyone can sell and be successful. Whether they are a dedicated sales person or a small business owner who needs to sell, Marot Associates can help improve anyone’s sales performance.

Sales Process Improvement

Doing the right thing at the right time throughout the sales process is a very easy and practical way of increasing an organisatons sales effectiveness. This approach to sales consultancy has been proven to inspire and motivate anyone involved in selling. This works especially well for those new to sales or those who don’t think they are a natural sales person.

Susan Marot holding sales process

We give those required to sell, the confidence to do it better by showing them how simple the sales process is.

From marketing through to getting the money through the door, it is essential to put the right amount of effort into each step of the sales process in order to maximise results.

How can we help?

There are 3 ways we can help you improve your sales process, enabling you to sell more and sell more profitably.

Design your sales process to help you achieve the goals that your business needs

Improve your sales process by building on existing success to increase results

Deliver your sales process for whenever you need someone to sell for you

Underpinning this we provide clients with a wide range of sales training solutions, from workshops to field based accompaniment.

Please contact us to best understand how we can help you grow your business by improving your sales process.