Bid Proposal Writing

Bid Proposal Writing

By the time you write a proposal or prepare a bid submission, you have probably already invested a lot of time and money. So why let your business down by presenting a proposition to your prospect that maybe doesn’t set their world alight? Great bid proposal writing is essential for your success.

Preparing a winning submission document is a real art, requiring diligence and focus. Marot Associates uses the Shipley method to write bid proposals. We only present what the prospect needs to know and we do that in a way that clearly showcases the benefits of their product and services.

“Susan (Marot) greatly supported the school as we attempted to put together a complex submission to the Department of Education, asking officials to reconsider finance policy in relation to academies. As the endeavour was into uncharted waters, having effective support was crucial to us. Susan was a mainstay in this support. 

During this time, Susan exhibited a wide range of social and business skills which were extremely beneficial to us, as they would be to you. We would commend her attention to detail, her efficiency and her thoroughness. In no way was she intimidated by lack of precedence or models from which to work. 

Susan enjoyed an excellent working relationship with key staff and governors, which I believe would make her an excellent prospect in many business settings.” Ellenor Beighton, Headteacher, De Aston Academy

As well as being great at preparing winning documents, our clients use us for bid proposal writing because we save them time and therefore money. An expert bid writer can prepare a winning document up to 60% faster than someone who does not prepare bids on a daily basis. Why do it yourself if we can write you a winning submission quicker, and therefore cheaper?

Please contact us for a sample of our work and how we might be able to help you win more, and win more often.

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