Deliver Your Sales Process

Deliver Your Sales Process

At Marot Associates we believe great sales people are at the heart of a successful business. No matter if you are a one man band or a huge corporation, deciding who is best placed to deliver your sales process is a task that is governed by:

  • Skills
  • Cost
  • Time

Do you

“…struggle to sell your services, but can’t afford the cost of a full time sales person”

“…need a sales person, but only for a short period of time”

“…find it difficult to manage your sales team”

“…lack the time to develop the network of contacts you need”

“…need to submit a tender in a short space of time and don’t have the skills internally to deliver”

No matter what the reason for engaging temporary sales skills, Marot Associates can help. Some of the services we offer include:

Market and Competitor Analysis

Susan Marot

Proposal and Bid Writing

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Interim Sales Solutions


If you are not sure how we might be able to assist or advise please do contact us for an informal and confidential chat.


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