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Susan Marot often gets asked to present her opinions on the subject of sales at a variety of speaker events.

Having been in sales for over 30 years, there aren’t many sales situations Susan hasn’t come across. Therefore her presentations come with an astonishing number of real life examples to explain the benefits of following the sales process correctly. She also has an equal number of stories as to how she often got it wrong. Well we all learn from our mistakes and Susan Marot is no different!

Some of the most popular sales subjects she is asked to speak on often revolve around:

  • Price and how to easily bring it into the sales process
  • Making effective introductions
  • Creating a winning sales strategy
  • The sales process and how sufficient effort must be put into each step

Susan Marot speaking at NLBN

Many SME business owners have been inspired to change the way they sell after listening to her talks. Usually to massive effect, but don’t just take our word for it…

“I was able to go to two meetings the following week and get two lucrative jobs using the knowledge that she (Susan Marot) gave me during her presentation. I never considered myself much of a sales person,BUT I DO NOW” Paul Dixon, 1st Class Leaflet Distribution

“Susan provided businesses with an inspirational presentation on how they can improve their sales process. Susan is extremely professional and knowledgeable and certainly motivates businesses to address the difficult topic of discussing price.” Karen Conroy, North Lincolnshire Council

“I really enjoyed the presentation Susan did at the Mecurious networking event Wednesday 23rd November. Susan was confident, funny, knowledgeable and interesting. I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend people use Susan to help their business grow.” Shell Chapman, ABC Accounting Services

“Susan’s presentation style is really friendly but professional and she explains things in a clear and easy to understand manner.” Jan Rilatt, YouPlus

“It is clear that Susan has a passion for sales and her knowledge on the subject shines through in her presentations. She takes what is a scary subject for some people (including me!) and puts it into words that you can really relate to.” Julia McGinn, Stone Moor Business Services

“She (Susan) delivers an engaging presentation and speaks with authority on actual practices she’s been involved in & will answer questions readily on ways to make Sales better.” David Hawkins NBV Enterprises

All comments have been taken directly from Susan Marot’s Linked in profile. Please contact us to discuss how she could help your event.


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