Improve Your Sales Process

Improve Your Sales Process

The only constant for any business is change, and the way a company sells its products is no exception. This means that to stay one step ahead of the competition you must improve your sales process regularly.

Marot Associates advocates a systems thinking approach to improve your sales process that always has the final goal in mind. We document the current process then see how that supports or detracts from the desired level of performance.

We then work with you to agree how that will be achieved and who within your business will own that responsibility. Sustainable transformation is key to success. Marot Associates is not interested in quick fixes.

Susan Marot Taking notes

Sales Process Improvement

Sales Pipeline and Forecasting

Sales KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Qualifying Sales Opportunities

Sales Coaching and Mentoring


To better understand how Marot Associates could help improve your sales process then do contact us for an informal chat.

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