Qualifying Sales Opportunities

Qualifying Sales Opportunties

Do you or your sales team understand the benefits of qualifying sales opportunities? Do any of these comments apply to your business?

“I spend a lot of time with my prospects and then they tell me they don’t make the decision!”

“I am struggling to find out who makes the decisions in a prospective client company”

“I would like to try to bid for public sector work, but I am sure not it is worth the effort”

“I spend a lot of time canvassing for new customers, but struggle to get through the door”

“My sales people want to try a new market, but I am not too sure if it stacks up”

The answer to these and similar statements might be to review how you qualify potential business. Spending a lot of time on an opportunity and then not winning it can be soul destroying for all involved. Qualifying the opportunity before you start is a great way to see if the time you need to invest will deliver the returns your business needs.

Finding out who within a business actually makes the decision to buy is another challenge that could easily be addressed by improving your qualification process.

If you find qualifying a challenge or you just want help designing a better process then please contact us to find out Marot Associates can help.

“Susan is a highly professional consultant who has unlimited energy and enthusiasm. Her integrity and discretion is second to none and I would highly recommend her as someone with whom a business conversation can be held in the strictest of confidence.” Lucy Allen, Sales Transformation Ltd


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