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Marot Associates believes that providing prospective clients with referrals and recommendations of our work, is the best way to showcase how good we are. We can prove we walk the walk as well as talk it.

The following recommendations have been taken from Susan Marot’s LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn provides the right environment for our clients to write recommendations of our work in their words, not ours. So don’t just take our word for it, take theirs!

Mark Webb

Passionate about local enterprise and business. Owner of the only local newspaper in N.E.Lincs

We have used Susan to deliver workshops on professional selling to SMEs across N.E.Lincs. The feedback from our clients is consistently positive, which is not surprising considering the professionalism and creativity Susan applies in equal measure to the sessions she runs. Susan has the gift of being able to make everyone realise the importance of sales whilst giving them the skills and tools needed to do it effectively. If you want to improve your turnover, Susan should be the person you call

October 12, 2013, Mark was Susan’s client

 Scott Owens

Owner at Robust Insight Ltd

I recently attended one of Susan’s selling skills workshops. I found the course extremely useful and Susan used real world examples to help me understand the sales process. This included communication methods, questioning techniques and planning for success. I would not hesitate to recommend Susan to anyone who wants to grow their business and I will be taking her techniques forward to attract new clients

October 10, 2013, Scott was Susan’s client

Richard Marshall

Managing Director at Hooton UK Ltd

Susan assisted Hooton UK Ltd in submitting their bid for the 2013 Gainsborough Business Awards. Despite intensive competition this year our company was successful in being short listed. The quality of the bid document submitted was excellent and Susan’s personable style has cemented relationships with our customers when she contacted them for testimonials. I have no hesitation in recommending Susan to assist any business large or small.

September 24, 2013, Richard was Susan’s client

Ellenor Beighton

Headteacher at De Aston School

Susan greatly supported the school as we attempted to put together a complex submission to the Department of Education asking officials to reconsider finance policy in relation to academies. As the endeavour was into uncharted waters, having effective support was crucial to us. Susan was a mainstay in this support. 
During this time, Susan exhibited a wide range of social and business skills, which were extremely beneficial to us, as they would be to you. We would commend her attention to detail, her efficiently and her thoroughness. In no way was she intimidated by lack of precedence or models from which to work. 
Susan enjoyed an excellent working relationship with key staff and governors, which I believe would make her an excellent prospect in many business settings.

September 3, 2013, Ellenor was Susan’s client

Tracey Clarke

Virtual Administration – hourly rate administrative support to businesses

We asked Susan to help us put together a Sales Strategy and run a number of workshops on how to deal with introductions on the telephone and on a face to face basis, how to question people in a professional manner and deal with objections when trying to sell our Virtual PA services. 

Until you go through the whole process of this very specific training, you don’t really understand what is involved and what you’re really missing. Once she shows you the full sales process only then does it start to make sense. 

We can definitely say that things are starting to slot into place – making the sales process properly understandable and have learnt a lot of valuable tools and techniques that will help us to move forward. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Susan for this very important training that I think a lot of people in business miss out on. Thank you Susan.

August 9, 2013, Tracey was Susan’s client

Natasha Travis

Business Development Adviser at NBV Enterprise Solutions Ltd

Susan is a charismatic sales person with great experience in hands-on selling and an expert grasp of the sales process. 
She presents well and has insights to share that are relevant to businesses large and small

August 8, 2013, Natasha was Susan’s client

Fiona Harris

Proprietor at Angels Desserts

I hired Susan to come in and advise on recruiting a new Sales Force. Susan listened with a great deal of interest and asked questions based on my thoughts and where I wanted to take the company. Her approach to the process was very inspiring. Not only did Susan give very good insight but set the KPI’s for the Sales force so that the goals I had set could easily be achieved and monitored ensuring drive was maintained with the team. 

Susan is someone that you trust and respect immediately. I have no trouble in asking Susan for help and guidance and will continue to do so as the business grows.

January 31, 2013, Fiona was Susan’s client

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