Sales Coaching and Mentoring

Sales Coaching and Mentoring

Selling is all about people, which is why sales coaching and mentoring should be key to improving the sales process. It is all very well having a fantastic set of strategies, but if the business does not have buy in from everyone involved in selling, they won’t work.

Marot Associates advocates an approach that pulls not pushes. Many sales people are often considered pushy. However, with experienced sales coaching and mentoring anyone can sell, without their prospective client thinking they are being pressured into buying.

Susan Marot

A smile can help inspire confidence

By doing the right thing at the right time throughout the sales process almost anyone can become an effective but non threatening sales person. This effectiveness has a positive effect on that person’s confidence and encourages sustainable improvements. In business terms this means effective sales activity, leading to more profitable business.

Did you know that humans are born with only two fears, falling and loud noises. So there really is no need to be afraid of selling.

“I used to feel very nervous at the thought of selling to potential customers and this was affecting my performance. Susan was excellent in truly understanding what I needed to do in practice and how to become more confident with my sales approach. She helped me plan a strategy to achieve my target and supported me in delivering it. I am now the number two consultant in the country for EllaPure and I can’t thank Susan enough for how she has helped me believe and become more successful than I thought I could be. I think she is amazing!” Kay Lawson, EllaPure Ltd 

This recommendation was given to Susan Marot via LinkedIn in September 2012. Kay has now gone on to be the worldwide number one consultant for EllaPure Ltd on more than one occasion.

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