Sales KPI

Sales KPI

Sales KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are an essential part of the sales process. How do you know if what you are doing is working if you haven’t set a standard to measure yourself against? Purely setting a financial target for sales won’t really cut the mustard. The target needs to be broken down into measureable chunks with each having their own criteria which need to be achieved.

Susan Marot on the phone

Do you know how many telephone calls it takes you or your sales people to get an appointment?

A great sales person always values and appreciates the need for KPIs as a way of proving how well they are doing. They should not be used as a way of criticising sales for poor performance, but as a tool to measure success and identify any areas for improvement.

At Marot Associates we help companies to set KPIs that are achievable for the sales function, but stretching enough to ensure the business hits its sales target. If you are not sure you have the right KPIs in place, then please contact us to see how we can help you implement KPI’s that are.

“Her approach to the process was very inspiring. Not only did Susan give very good insight but set the KPIs for the Sales force so that the goals I had set could easily be achieved and monitored, ensuring drive was maintained with the team.” Fiona Harris, Angels Desserts

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