Sales Pipeline and Forecasting

Sales Pipeline and Forecasting

Managing your sales pipeline and forecasting effectively is what really drives sales into your business. Understanding where prospects and customers sit within your pipeline will help you to focus on what you need to do and when.

Many businesses concentrate most of their effort in putting suspects into the top of their pipeline. However the key to managing your pipeline successfully is balance. Effort must be spread consistently across all phases of the sales process if the business is to ensure the funnel actually delivers profitable business.

What's in your pipeline?

What’s in your pipeline?

The pipeline is also an excellent forecasting tool from which the rest of the business can benefit. Can you accurately forecast what business is going to come through the door in the next 90 days, let alone the next year? Would you like to use your sales pipeline to further invest in the future of your business?

Having an effective pipeline will help you to forecast and predict where your business is going and how successful it will be. To understand how this could apply to you and your business contact us for an informal chat.

“Felt that it was a very worthwhile exercise enabling me to use the knowledge gained to further my sales techniques. Very professional and worthwhile.” Gary McMullen, Tower Staff Construction Ltd

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