Sales Process Improvement

Sales Process Improvement

Many businesses struggle to really understand their sales process and therefore fail to repeat the good stuff or stop doing the bad. This is especially true of business leaders who are so involved in the day to day running of the business. It can be hard to step back and see the wood for the trees. This is when a business needs to consider sales process improvement.

Definition of the Sales Process

Definition of the sales process

When it comes to effective sales transformation, the first step is to accurately document how a business sells. Only once that is done can change be trialled and tested to fully understand the impact of doing things differently across the whole sales function. This simple principle applies to companies both large and small. Just because someone else is selling differently to you does not mean you should copy them.

Marot Associates has worked with businesses across many markets and industry sectors. We especially enjoy working with SMEs as we find that change can be quick and highly effective.

For qualifying businesses, we can even access funding to help cover some of the cost of our work. Please do get in contact to see if that can apply to you.

“Susan’s past work, her experience and background will help any business to get their whole Sales Process into order from beginning to end and support growth.” David Hawkins, NBV Enterprise Solutions

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