Sales Recruitment

Sales Recruitment

Great people are always at the heart of any successful sales process. However a great sales person will only continue to be great if they are matched with the business that will maximise their sales skills and not restrict them. Employing the right sales person, who will help to grow your business profitably, is a bit of a dating game and must be treated with the same respect.

We often see sales people successful in one business, but when they move to another company they can sometimes spectacularly fail to repeat that success. So how do you find the right sales person for your business?

Understanding your sales process is a great place to start. What influences that process and encourages your customers to buy from you will help decide the type of person your business needs to support and even improve the sales process. Armed with this knowledge you can then hit the recruitment market.

Listening to client needs

“I hired Susan to come in and advise on recruiting a new Sales Force. Susan listened with a great deal of interest and asked questions based on my thoughts and where I wanted to take the company. Her approach to the process was very inspiring. I have no trouble in asking Susan for help and guidance and will continue to do so as the business grows.” Fiona Harris, Angels Desserts

Marot Associates is not a recruitment specialist, but we can support the recruitment process by helping you to decide the best type of individual your business needs and the qualities to look for in a recruitment agency. Please contact us for an informal discussion on how our approach to the sales process will benefit your business.

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