Sales Training Program

Sales Training Program

Once you have recruited great people to deliver your sales and marketing strategy, you will need to design a training program to ensure they follow the sales process.

An effective sales training program is not just about sending a member of the team on a course to gain all the skills you think they need and then setting them loose on your prospects. The best sales training compliments that business’s sales process. Sales training must, wherever possible, use examples that closely relate back to the way the business sells to ensure success.

Susan Marot speaking at NLBN

Marot Associates has found great success by relating training closely to the client’s own business. This approach ensures increased adoption of new skills leading to more sustainable sales success.

We don’t read from set scripts, but work with the client first to understand what needs to be achieved. We then take these outcomes and design a training program that exceeds their expectations.

We work directly with individual businesses as well as public sector groups responsible for providing business support programs to SMEs.

“Having just come out of Susan’s Sales Process half day workshop I came back into the office and had a message to call a new prospect, so I decided to change my usual ‘sales patter’ along the lines of what I had learnt in the session.

With my first sentence I got a fantastic response from the prospect and getting the meeting was a piece of cake. Result!

What made the workshop so useful was the fact that Susan was able to explain the theory, but then spend time working with us to tailor the theory to everyone’s particular business and requirements. The result was that I was able to apply the advice straight away and understand where I had been going wrong before.

I would recommend Susan as a sales trainer who has the experience ‘in the field’ to back up the theory and the ability to communicate what she knows to non-sales people” Alison Clynes, Kinetic Marketing and Design

For an informal discussion as to how we might be able to support your objectives, please contact Marot Associates.

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