At Marot Associates we believe everyone can be a sales person, providing they follow the sales process and do the right thing at the right time. Susan Marot regularly speaks on the subject of the sales process and selling and is keen that everyone has a chance to learn more through her sales videos.

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The Sales Process Step 1 – Preparation

Here Susan talks about the importance of preparing effectively.

The Sales Process Step 2 – Introduction

Watch this clip to understand the essentials of a great opening benefit statement

The Sales Process Step 3 – Questioning

One of the most important things to remember about the questioning phase is to make sure you are talking to the MAN. This clip explains all about the MAN.

The Sales Process Step 4 – Presenting

Learn in this clip how to present your USP’s in a FAB way to clients

The Sales Process Step 5 – Objections

Objections are really easy to handle once you know what type they are. Here Susan shows you how.

The Sales Process Step 6 – Close

Asking for the business can seem daunting, but Susan explains a very good tip in this clip to stop you giving business away when you close the deal.

The Sales Process Step 7 – Follow Up

Delivering the promise is the only way to get repeat business. Susan talks about some things you might need to do to improve this phase.

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