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100 Inspiring Women – Selling Conversations

100 Inspiring Women – Thursday 28 November 2013

This event was exclusive to the Business Hive’s 100 Inspiring Women. As a mentor and one of the 100 Inspiring Women for the project, Susan Marot was asked to explain why she thinks selling has grown up and now it’s all about the conversation.

Susan talked about how you don’t have to be a ‘hard-nosed’ salesperson to grow your business. Delegates learnt ways of how anyone you can hold a selling conversation to sell their services comfortably by simply getting their prospect talking about their needs and how they think they could be fulfilled. Susan talked about –

  • Having the right mind setDelegates for 100 Inspiring Women Workshop
  • Getting the conversation started
  • Finding your prospects pain
  • Following up to make it happen

Women are great conversationalists and feedback to the selling conversations workshop was great with everyone agreeing that they felt energised and more confident to make every sales conversation count.

If you are a business women in either Grimsby or North East Lincolnshire looking for some inspiration then why not attend one or two of the other events being held at The Business Hive.They’re free too!Business Hive Grimsby