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Selling Conversations

Selling Conversations – 14:30 Tuesday 11 March 2014

Susan Marot originally presented Selling Conversations for the Business Hive’s 100 Inspiring Women. As a mentor and one of the 100 Inspiring Women for the project, Susan Marot was asked to explain why she thinks selling has grown up and now it’s all about the conversation. The Selling Conversation workshop was so popular that Susan has been asked back for another session

Susan talked about why you don’t have to be a ‘hard-nosed’ salesperson to grow your business. Delegates learnt ways of how anyone they could hold a selling conversation to sell their services comfortably by simply getting their prospect talking about their needs and how they think they could be fulfilled. Susan talked about –

  • Having the right mind setDelegates for 100 Inspiring Women Workshop
  • Getting the conversation started
  • Finding your prospects pain
  • Following up to make it happen

Again feedback to this workshop was great with everyone agreeing that they felt energised and more confident to make every sales conversation count.

If you are a business person in either Grimsby or North East Lincolnshire looking for some inspiration to improve your selling conversation then why not book onto the next one on 29 July or attend one of the other events being held at The Business Hive.They’re free for members too!

Event Report – Work Wise Women

Connecting For Success and the Elevator Pitch – Work Wise Women

Susan Marot presented at this months Work Wise Women workshop at The Business Hive, Grimsby. She shared her story as to how she became a success at selling and focused particularly on what constitutes a great 30 second Elevator Pitch.


“It was great to meet so many business ladies from North East Lincolnshire. I got lots of great answers to the question “Are you born a sales person, or can you learn to be?”. Despite coming from a long line of sales people, everyone agreed that even though you might have the personality traits to be successful, it is practise and following an effective sales process that makes a great sales person.Networking with Work Wise Women

“After going through the difference between a sales introduction and an elevator pitch, the ladies all wrote a 30 second elevator pitch based on what they had learnt. To help them best understand the effect of what they had written, they had to ask someone else to read it out to them”

Susan Marot Work Wise Women

“Feedback from everyone was great and I am pleased to say that Work Wise Women would like me to go back again to do another session on a different phase of the sales process!”

For a brief highlight on what constitutes a great introduction take a look at the following video clip by Susan Marot.

For more information on Work Wise Women and how you can attend a future meeting click here .